Information for NGOs

Information for NGOs
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Relief operations need to be planned and scheduled effectively which implies a variety of challenging optimization tasks. The easy accessible and ready to use platform facilitates communication between NGOs and suppliers and forms a collaborative system that compiles all necessary information.

REDUCE RISK & EFFORT. supports NGOs with an internet accessible platform that allows NGOs to reduce the bureaucratic effort to a minimum and reduce risk associated with inter-agency trust. Real-time data and analyses support the decision-making process which accelerated the procurement process crucially.

Adoptable reporting and approval mechanisms increase the success and controlling of relief operations by facilitating the replenishment process and the providing of accurate information.

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Create requests for quotes according to your demand and receive a variety of quotes from different suppliers all over the world. The platform provides access for qualified NGOs and qualified suppliers to make sure NGOs can choose the best matching quote.

FLEXIBILITY THAT GOES BEYOND. formed an innovative procurement platform, combining intuitive processes in a highly automated environment for NGOs  and suppliers.




“Additional market access is provided by customer acquisition, especially by smaller, internationally operating NGOs, starting with the provision of pharmaceutical services to their employees and expanding to support projects and camps for the emergency accommodation of refugees and internally displaced persons (‘IDPs’).”

Uli Schmid, Senior Expert Humanitarian Action Programs - Innovation & Planning Agency Association

“ launches a new, web-based distribution channel for relief supplies. Through the platform, the communication between manufacturers / providers is channeled and thus more transparent, faster and cheaper.”

Michael Mayr, Richter Pharma AG